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Test Army, Please Ignore has a new website (as you can see)! We are very excited to add this to the list of things we are able to provide our members. We want to provide members and non-members alike information related to TEST and Firefall in general, in an easy-to-navigate website.

In addition to our shiny new website, we provide a Mumble server, an IRC channel, and a subreddit. In the spirit of providing what we hope is a community of excellence, it is our pleasure to offer these services to our members so that we can all enjoy the game to the fullest.

You may be a hardened veteran of the war against the Chosen. You may have only recently seen the horrors of the Melding for the first time. But we here at TEST would like to once again welcome you to our ranks, and thank you for making this Army the best on Earth.

News and Important Information


[TEST] is still at member cap, so any new applicants will be invited to/should apply to [TEST-A] in-game.

TEST is launching a weekly OWPvP event. Click here for details.

An army member cap increase to 500 has been officially confirmed by Red5, but no ETA has been given.

Patch V1.0.1795 was released on August 19th, 2014. For full patch notes click here. Highlights include increased dynamic events in Sertao, Broken Peninsula and Coral Forest, increased XP and Crystite for all ARES Jobs, and changes to Hardcore Blackwater Anomaly.